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Grading Policy
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The Mandella Environment

I don't give out grades, students earn them.

Each student begins the year with a 100%.
Grading is calculated as follows:
Homework, Notebook, Agenda Book and Quizzes - 1/3 of the grade
Tests & Labs - 1/3 of the grade
Attendance, Participation & Attitude - 1/3 of the grade

Progress Reports & Report cards are sent home each quarter.
Marking Periods:
First Quarter ends 11/08
Second Quarter ends 1/24
Third Quarter ends 4/04
Fourth Quarter ends 6/25
Progress Reports
First Quarter      10/04
Second Quarter 12/13
Third Quarter     3/07
Fourth Quarter   5/09

Should your child fall short of my expectations I will call you to discuss their difficulty.

Students are encouraged to attend extra help if they are having difficulty understanding any of the concepts.
Extra Help is available everyday.
After school from 2:20 - 3:00 in Room 234