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Week In Review: General Science
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The Mandella Environment

These are the plans that will be implemented during the week of February 14-18.



Monday: B Day

Aim: What is earth science?

Do Now: What are the continents on the earth?

Procedure: Complete lesson 1 of chapter 9: Continents and oceans

Homework #5: Complete lesson 1 review questions 1-5            

Tuesday: A Day

Aim: What causes day and night?

Do Now: What does rotation mean? Show rotation in an action.

Procedure: Lesson 2 The earths rotation and time

Homework #5: If you make a long distance telephone call to Japan at 5 oclcok eastern time. What time will it be in Japan?

Wednesday: B Day 

Aim: Model the earth's rotation.


Do Now: Copy the data table into your notebook.


Procedure: How would you create a model explaining day and night?


Homework: Complete questions and conclusion of lab.

Thursday: B Day


Aim: To explore RCT practice


Do Now: Give out RCT packets


Procedure: Students will explore review questions.


Friday: A Day


Aim: Continue with RCT review packets


Do Now: Work on second half of packets


Procedure: Students will answer review quesitons working in groups


Have a great weekend!





Technology Connection

Build A Molecule Lab

Periodic Table of Elements

Table of Elements

Plate tectonics Movie

Introduction to Plate tectonics

Interview of a geologist

Plate tectonics

Discover our earth

Images US volcanoes

Describe Popocatépetl

Mexico Volcanoes

What happens when a volcano erupts?

Can we predict eruptions?

Volcano test

Recent volcanic activity



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