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Science Says Learn It Now
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The Mandella Environment

Here's your chance to contribute...

Ask A Scientist A Question

I am inviting you to express your ideas. This is a great way to get involved. I encourage both students and parents to discuss questions and issues relating to the class material. (Those who are too shy to speak up in class can express themselves here.)
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Biology Questions Answered Here

Want some disgusting science facts? Click here

Who invented the first compound microscope?

Hurry, look in the mirror....there are about 2 million bacteria living on your face right now. Any room left for pie?

Class Comments

I might use this area to post comments people have sent me on how they feel class is going and topics they'd like to see covered in more (or less!) detail.

To encourage frank discussion, I may make the comments in this area anonymous.

E-mail Mrs. Mandella....