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In Depth...
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The Mandella Environment

Here is the place where curriculum topics are identified and where I will link helpful sites for further study.

Classroom Text's:
Biology: An Everyday Experience
UPCO's Biology Course

This is a page where I can broaden the context of a discussion and offer motivated students advanced material.


Animal or plant? To whom am I closely related? Where do I live?

What kinds of living things could we find in Peterkin Pond in Amityville? Any protozoans in there?


Name the differences between a plant and an animal cell. What about the similarities?

Educational Field Trip Contest:
Enter your wish list. Trip must be related to the Living Environment II curriculum.


Protist Park

Protist Kingdom

Fungi kingdom

Fungi Facts

Safari Classification

Live Cams

Science Museum

Great experiments!

Science Questions Answered Here

Visit Sciencenetlinks here

Genetic Science Learning Center

CELLS alive!

History of Science Timeline

Animal and Plant Cells

Genetic Research

Take The Quiz Scientific Method Quiz Whiz

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