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Tips and Hints
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The Mandella Environment


Need a little help?

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Occasionally students need extra help on an assignment or a friendly reminder about what is expected of them. On this page I'll put some useful tips relating to class projects so they can find the help they need even when I'm not available (e.g., on weekends or evenings). And I'll be sure to update the tips and hints when new assignments are due.

General Study Tips
Read over your notes each night...don't wait for the night before the test!

*Take notes neatly in class so they are easily read later on.

*Rewrite important facts onto index cards and study over time.

*Study with a friend or family member. Turn the TV off and have your own game of Jeopardy using your Science questions.

*Use the study guide worksheets handed out in class to review important questions and information that may appear on exams.

Keep your old exams: many of those questions appear on the final or the Regent's