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Mandella's Classroom Guide: Rules & Regs
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The Mandella Environment


Rule #1: Always treat your peers with respect. No making fun of someone's clothes, how they read or speak or what their hair looks like. We are all human beings who make mistakes; laugh at your own, not someone else's. Please remember to listen when someone else is speaking.

Rule #2: Be honest. If you forget an assignment, cut a class, or foul up in some other way, tell the truth and take the consequences. If you don't and I find out the truth, how should I treat you for the rest of the year?

Rule #3: This is a high school, not Circuit City. Leave the walkmans, beepers, pagers, cell phones, and all other electronic gear at home. No exceptions.

Rule #4: If you wear a hat, please remove it when you enter the class. Removing hats indoors is a common courtesy observed in the business world; hats may look cool to you, but they dont project a

"dress for success" look to others. Besides, if you wear a hat all day every day, you will end up bald or full of cooties.


1. Be in class when the bell rings. Begin the "Do Now" portfolio assignment immediately.

2. Have your agenda book, binder/notebook, and a pen everyday!

3. Bring your textbook unless I have stated that you wont need it.

4. Have your homework assignment available to be checked.


The school has provided you with an agenda book. Don't knock it; its free and full of useful information. You must use this book and it will be checked. We are trying to teach you how to become organized and make the most of your time. This agenda book will help you do this. If youre planning on becoming a big time executive, get used to the book, because all the entrepreneurs use them!


1. Please use a binder. No spiral notebooks please. YOU WILL ALSO NEED A COMPOSITION NOTEBOOK FOR A SCIENTIFIC PORTFOLIO.

2. You need to keep all your handouts. Handouts should be dated and kept organized in the binder.

3. Your notebook and agenda book will be checked each quarter. You will receive a grade for the content, neatness and organization of the notebook, as well as, the additional handouts given to you.


1. If you cut class, you lose your right to a makeup.

2. If you are given an assignment in advance and you are absent the day it is due, you will be expected to hand it in the day you return.

3. You are responsible for finding out what you missed when you were absent.

4. Not all work can be made up. Labs and some short assignments serve no purpose days later. Repeated absences will effect your grade. You must complete _____ lab hours to meet the NYS Regents Requirement.


1. Homework will be checked everyday (NOT COLLECTED) and will be checked into my grade book . Your homework grade at the end of each quarter will be based on the number of satisfactorily completed assignments.

2. Every student will receive one excuse pass each quarter. This can be used as an excuse for missing one homework assignment. You may only use it one time and you must hand in the pass at the time of the missed homework.

3. Some homework assignments cannot be made up; others may be made up for partial credit. It is up to my discretion.

4. If you complete five consecutive assignments and they all receive full credit, then you will earn a homework pass that may be used in a variety of ways (ex. 5 pts. on an exam, an excused homework or a day extension on a project).


1. You may go to your locker between periods. No passes to lockers will be given from class.

2. You must use the bathroom in between periods or on your lunch hour. A bathroom pass will only be given in cases of an emergency. You have three opportunities for the school year.

3. Passes to the nurses office will be given after you have completed notes, received the homework assignment and handed in the previous days assignment. You must be sick or hurt to receive a pass to the nurses office.


1. Do not come to me at the end of the quarter and say, "What can I do to pass?" By then it is too late if you have not been handing in assignments, completing labs, and coming to class. Work consistently throughout the quarter so you wont have to worry later.

2. Your grade consists of several components:

Tests and labs will make up 60%

Class Participation, attendance and notebook grades will make up 15%

Homework and use of agenda book will make-up 25%

Parents will receive a phone call home for a failing test grade.



1. Being in class every day is the surest way to set yourself on a course for success. I will take careful attendance and treat absences according to school policy. Absences can add up in a hurry, so dont take off unless you are truly ill.

2. You must have my permission to be absent from class to be on a field trip, or with another teacher for any reason. If you are taking an exam and need a minute or two, thats OK, as long as you bring a pass with the time on it.

3. If you cut a class you will lose a point from your final average.


1. If you arrive after the bell without a pass for ANY reason, you are late.

2. If you are more than 20 minutes late without an acceptable pass, you will be considered absent for that class. (Thats school policy.)

3. Whether you are late for a legitimate reason or not, you are responsible for finding out what you missed.

4. Four unexcused latenesses in the same quarter will cause you to lose one point from your final average.


1. You will be asked to work cooperatively with others to perform experiments and complete labs. Please respect one another and always keep safety a priority. Remember that working cooperatively means sharing the work equally.

2. Please dont hesitate to ask questions. No question is a "dumb question".


1. Take pride in your work and pay attention to details.

2. All work should be neat and legible. If I cant read it, I cant grade it.

3. All work and tests should be kept neatly in your lab portfolio after it is handed back.The portfolio should never leave the room.


1. If you would like extra help, feel free to ask me to set up a time before or after school.

2. If you fall far behind in your work, I may ask you to stay after school.


1. You must care for your textbook. The UPCO Biology book should be written in. It serves as a workbook and a textbook. If it is lost you must purchase an additional book at the cost of $24.

If you have any questions I can be reached at the high school 842-4010 everyday from 7:10am to 3:30 p.m..

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