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Liberty Partnership 2002-2003 Calendar
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The Mandella Environment


Liberty Partnership 2002-2003 Calendar    

Mrs. Mandella, Liberty Advisor  

September 23: First Meeting: Student membership drive

September 30: Theme Discussion: Activities planned

 October16: Project Re-direct Homeless shelter planting of daffodil bulbs

October 17: High School Memorial garden for 9-11 victims

October 21: Meeting: Assess our work values

November 4: Meeting: How do I find a job? Job resources and discuss our Holiday childrens party and events

November 6: Art in The Park: Heckscher trip 11-4pm

November 13: Teen Health Fair at Wyndam Windwatch

November 18: Meeting and Entomology workshop

December 2: Create craft activities for Holiday party

December 5: LPP Holiday dinner

December 12: Teen Health Conference at the Hilton

December 16: Meeting: Community service activity

December 20: Christmas in Manhattan: Christmas Show at MSG/Dinner

January 6:

February 3: Meeting: How do I fill out a job application? What is the boss looking for?

February 6: Homework Helpers Workshop for Project Re-direct

February 9: Harlem Globe Trotters

March 3: Meeting: What is a resume? Resume workshop and also ideas for Regents Prep workshop

March 17: Meeting: St. Patricks Day

March 31: Meeting: Create resumes

April 14: Meeting: Study Skills Workshop

April 28: Meeting: Dress for success? Discuss interviewing techniques and role play. Students will have interviews taped to discuss ways to improve their skills

May 12: Meeting: Am I going to college? Research three colleges on the Internet in the computer lab

May 20: Visit Dowling College

June 9: End of Year Party



Call 842-4010 Ext. 400

Theme: Careers In The Arts

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