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English IV Plans
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The Mandella Environment

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Monday: No School Yom Kippur



Tuesday: A Day

Aim: To continue with vocabulary and reading A Walk To Remember

Procedure: Students will be given vocabulary sheets for Chapters 5-8 and they will use their dictionaries to identify some of the unfamiliar terms they come across when they read. We will read chapter three. 

Wednesday: B Day

Aim:  To discuss post secondary education with our Guidance Department

Procedure: A guidance counselor will visit us today to discuss post secondary options with our Seniors.

Thursday: A Day

Aim: Class Discussion: Chapter 4

Procedure: Discussion question: What is your reaction to the way Landon treats Jaime when she calls him? What favor does she ask of him? Students are required to complete the questions for chapters three and four and hand them in for a grade. Read chapter 5 at home to discuss Monday.

Friday: B Day

Aim: Newsday: Do I need to read the paper?

Procedure:  Discuss the areas of the paper. Students will be required to locate an article and complete a review each Friday. This will be alternated with TIME magazine.

*We will do an author study when the Internet is up and running. Nicholas Sparks has an excellent web site and a lesson is ready and waiting. If the computers work during this week we will complete that lesson.


Nicholas Sparks Edit

Newsday Edit


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