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Microscopes & Lab Equipment
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The Mandella Environment

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Monday: B Day

Aim: Am I familiar with the safety of using scientific equipment?

Do Now: Take an identification sheet with you to your desk.

Procedure: We will use the overhead to identify the equipment and will also discuss the safety issues in a science lab. Students will receive safety packets that must be kept in their binders at all times.

Homework #2: Complete questions 1 and 3 on the Safety in a biology lab worksheet

Tuesday: A Day

Aim: Lab #1: Scientific Equipment: Can YOU identify them?

Do Now: Reveiw your lab safety rules: compete the handout questions. Get your lab folders and record this lab.

Procedure: Students will complete Lab #1. Equipment Identification. Various pieces of apparatus will be placed throughout the room. Students will have a blank numbered sheet and they will have to idnetify each piece of equipment using the corresponding number.  Equipment names will be written on the board for students to use as a reference.

Homework # 3: Complete page 15 in your UPCO books. Write the equipment name underneath each picture forr #1 and identify the use for each item listed in #2.

Wednesday: B Day

Aim:  How do I use the microscope?

Do Now:  Copy theAim and the notes into your notebook.

Procedure: Discus the word micro/scope and microbiology. I will model the proper way to carry a microscope and then I will ask students to take one to their desks. Using the overhead and a worksheet I will identify all its parts and the function of each of those parts.

Homework # 4: What did you remember from today. Label the microscope without looking at your notes. Complete pages 52 and 53 in the UPCO Book.

Thursday: B Day

Aim: What is the cell theory?

Do Now: Take a microscope to your desk and take a microscope situation worksheet.

Procedure: Students will complete the situation worksheet and will be asked what the cell theory is. This should be review for them. We will discuss the cell theory and its relationship with the microscope.  See page 49 of UPCO Book for the three parts of the cell theory.

Homework # 4: Read page 50: The scientists who contributed to the cell theory and answer questions 1-9 on page 51.

Friday: A Day

Aim: Lab Investigation #2: Can I identify the parts and function of the compound microscope?

Do Now: Using your UPCO Book Page 54 and 55 find out what other types of microscopes are used by biologists. They will also get thier lab folders and record their lab.

Procedure:  Students will complete the lab following the given procedures.


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