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Week In Review/English IV
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The Mandella Environment

These are the plans that will be carried out during the week of June 2nd- June 6th.

Literary Elements


Monday: A Day

Aim: To continue reading TKM

Procedure: Read both chapters 23 and 24. Discuss in class. Students must hand in news articles tomorrow.

Tuesday: B Day

Aim: Conintue to write  news articles?

Procedure: Students will finish writing the article about the event they chose from the novel.

Wednesday: B Day

Aim: To continue reading chapter 25

Procedure: Students will have independent reading Chapter 25 and will answer the chapter questions in their red folders. Distribute the binders and page protectors.

Thursday: A Day

Aim: Finish reading chapters 26-29 of TKM

Procedure: Read novel and discuss. Continue to encourage work on the scrapbooks.

Friday: B Day

Aim: To finish reading TKM.

Procedure: We will continue reading the novel. Students will discuss remaining time left for scrapbook entries.

No Homework! Have a great weekend!

We are reading:
To Kill A Mockingbird
Written By: Harper Lee

Harper Lee

Student Guide For Harper Lee Novel


Be A Better Writer


How To Write A Bibliography

Step By Step Research Writing

Help With Research

Dave Pelzer

Child Abuse

Child Abuse Defined

History of Negro Baseball League

Negro Baseball Players

August Wilson Bio

More August Wilson

Wilson Timeline

Nicholas Sparks



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