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Living Environment II At Work1

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The Mandella Environment

The culminating activities for each unit of study includes a project of which my students apply learned concepts. These activities encourage exploration and provide an alternate means of assessment. The photos below are of students from two classes, Period 4A and 6B. One project is aimed at having students explore the topic AIDS and to create a movie using the facts they gathered through research. And yet another is the students creating Gel cells, utilizing materials to identify cell parts and the functions of the the organelles of a plant or an animal cell. I hope you enjoy our photo album.

TerraAqua Columns
Margie and Edwin work to build stable interacting ecosystems.
E.J and Will work together
What will our guppy and snail need to survive?
Ben works with Anthony
They have it all figured out.
Adelkis and Vanessa have all their materials
How is the air going to get in? Don't we need it?
students working together
Sharlena and Keioyna created a gel cell to represent the organelles in a plant cell.
Students choose the biotic and abiotic materials for their project.
Terra-Aqua Column
What will the fish eat?
Jerod and Gabriel work well as a team
What seeds should we plant in the terrestrial ecosystem?
got skills?
Oh's the gel cell!
Hard at work
We've made it...the mystery is solved!

hair experiment?

PJ takes charge of his lab team.